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You Are Here – travel photography collection
Rough Guides, Coming Fall 2017
AZ Awards
AZ Awards
Castor Design, 2016
Castor Design
Castor Graphics
Castor Design, 2014-2017
CU Exhibition
Cu Exhibition
Castor Design, 2016
Candy Table
Candy Table
Castor Design, 2015
Simon Frank – Double Image
Double Image
Simon Frank, 2014
Particle Accelerator
Particle Accelerator
Castor Design, 2016
The Varsity
Print Features
The Varsity, 2014

Working on Tous Collective's installation for The Stop's Night Market. Photo by Wyatt Clough

Nathan Watson is an interdisiplinary designer and art director based in Toronto. He works for the industrial design studio Castor Design, focused primarily on lighting, furniture, and installation projects. Nathan received an Honours B.A. from the University of Toronto.

Nathan collaborates with agencies, artists, designers, institutions, and publishers on interdisciplinary projects. In the past he's worked with Vice, Rough Guides, Wunderkind Agency, Endless City, The Stop: Community Food Centre, Côte de Bœuf, YNOT, Gallant Bikes, Gallery House, The Grid, Testicular Cancer Canada.

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